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Useful short primer on selling enterprise software licenses

A guest blog post from Jeremy Aber, of Aber Law, on some of the important things to consider when selling software into enterprise. As software companies grow and start to sell their products into larger organisations, many come unstuck as they don’t consider some of the issues outlined here. A short and useful primer. Jeremy […]

If you didn’t do what you do, what would you do?

On the whole, I am very happy in my work but if I was going to have another career a Polish fighter pilot would be quite cool from this evidence.

‘Support is never, ever as important as product development. Discuss’

Why is support still a dirty word in some companies? After more than 10 years in technology and support, including setting up the support function for 37 Signals, Sarah Hatter has some pithy, pertinant and downright hilarious stories to tell about why it’s important, what it can do for you and what it does to […]

Marc Andreessen, technology, investment and good behaviour

Interesting stream from Marc Andreessen on the role that venture capital has to play in encouraging ‘good’ behaviours and platforms. Investors are clearly part of the problem here, but they can also be part of the solution. More of them should be watching Kathy Sierra’s talks and demanding their startups do too. [View the story […]

Is Yiren Lu’s ‘Silicon Valley Youth Problem’ just about Silicon Valley?

A few excerpts from a very long, but very worthwhile read in the New York Times from Yiren Lu, a graduate computer science student from Columbia and recent Harvard Grad. Explores some of the tensions between the technology ‘old guard’ and ‘new guard’ from a very interesting perspective. Read the whole article here at the […]

Building Things to Help you Sell the Things you Build – Patrick McKenzie at Business of Software

Put your hand up if you are convinced of the importance of any of the following for your business: SEO/Adwords A/B testing Conversion optimisation Funnel analytics Onboarding/first-run experience Lifecycle emails/drip marketing Now. Keep your hands up if you think you’ve totally got these sorted. No room for improvement. Hmmm, I’m not seeing a whole load […]

My colleague from Yammer went to Business of Software Conference & all I got was this great summary

We love putting Business of Software Conference together and often wonder, as we huddle together for warmth in the long, dark, grim days when Business of Software Conference isn’t actually running, what people do with the ideas when they get back to the office. Here is one answer, a guest blog from Kevin Davis at […]

Another day, another stupid ‘upgrade’ to something. Then this happens. Well played Basecamp, well played.

On my list of technology companies that annoyed me this week because their software automatically ‘upgraded my experience’ to a significantly worse experience for me is Google and Samsung: The arrows in the navigation bar in Google Chrome disappeared. My phone took a 500Mb+ upgrade over 3g without me being aware of it. Woo hoo! […]

Dharmesh Shah on Scaling Culture

Dharmesh came back to BoS in 2013, to look at a very precious and poorly understood asset for software companies – culture. Whilst Dharmesh himself claims to not even like humans (a point that he made to Hubspot’s CEO, Brian Halligan) when responsibility for Hubspot culture ended up on his desk, he approaches the subject […]

Going up against Google. We’re going on a bear hunt.

My thanks to my friend Rodolofo Rossini, CEO of Storybricks for reminding me of this rather wonderful bedtime story. Everything I learned about competing against Google came from ‘We Are Going On a Bear Hunt’ — Rodolfo Rosini (@rodolfor) January 30, 2014 He is so right. If you have children, you will probably know it. […]

Goodbye ‘Elevator Pitch’, Hello ‘Question Pitch’. Dan Pink on the power of asking a question

Elevator pitches are so 20th Century. When facts are clearly on your side, Question Pitches get people to do a little work and people often come up with their own reasons for agreeing with you and these are far more powerful than yours can ever be. The Question Pitch from Daniel Pink on Vimeo. A […]

BoS 2013: Videos of Business of Software Conference 2013 talks all in one place.

All of the talks from the 2013 Business of Software Conference are now online. If you attended this year’s event, you will receive a password to access all of the talks today by email. Contact us if you haven’t received yours. We will make most of the talks available online to everyone without a password […]

Delivering yesterday’s broken technology tomorrow. Product strategy is about saying, “NO”. Intercom’s Des Traynor

This is a fabulous talk/rant/stand up routine from Des Traynor, co Founder of Intercom on the core principles of Product Strategy. It’s only 7.5 minutes long but has lots of great points as well as a secret trick about watching your competitors that will guarantee you can build a useless sucky product that no one […]

A video from a software company that actually gets that Kathy Sierra, ‘Don’t make your features awesome, make your users awesome’

A short note from Scott Farquhar at Atlassian who spoke at this year’s Business of Software Conference in Boston. “Mark, Once again, blown away by the calibre of speakers, but more importantly attendees at this conference.  Congratulations.  Hope you get time off to relax afterwards. Atlassian produced this video recently.  Though it uses Atlassian’s customers, […]

Developers, entrepreneurs & depression. A wonderful talk at Business of Software Conference.

Developers, entrepreneurs and depression. We had the Business of Software Conference last week in Boston. Thank you to everyone that made it such a wonderful experience for us. This is the first talk that we will post publicly. It is the only talk in the history of Business of Software Conference that has ever had […]

4 keys for ‘Products and promotions that people really, actually love’ (c) Dharmesh Shah

Over at Hubspot, Dharmesh has been thinking about some of the key pieces of advice he’s found at Business of Software that really make the difference to how he approaches product development and promotion. It’s a great post and a great summary (full transcript below). If you want to really get to grips with these […]

Live Q&A with Iris Lapinski, Apps for Good, Broadcast 12 noon EST 17th Oct

Because software (and work) is about more than just the money, the next of our occasional series of interviews with BoS speakers involves Iris Lapinski, the founder of Apps for Good. Join us on Thursday 17th October (12 noon EST) when we’ll be talking to Iris about her work with CDI Apps for Good (, an […]

Live Q&A with Mike Muhney (co-founder of ACT!, CEO ViP Orbit) Broadcast 14th October, 12 noon EST

Bookmark this page! This is where we’ll be continuing our series of Q&A sessions with  speakers on 14th October, when we’ll be broadcasting a Q7A session with Mike Muhney. Mike pretty much invented the CRM industry when he co-founded ACT! 20 years before most of us were even thinking of opportunities in B2B software he […]

Scott Berkun’s open letter to new Microsoft CEO & the problem with competitive advantage

Scott Berkun wrote an open letter to Microsoft’s new CEO about what needs to be done to turn Microsoft into an innovation machine again. (Whatever you think about Microsoft, let’s assume for the purposes of this discussion that Microsoft has lost its innovation mojo and if you don’t accept that, just find and replace ‘Microsoft’ […]

BoS 2012: Videos of Business of Software talks all in one place.

All of the keynote and Lightning Talks talks from the 2012 Business of Software Conference that we are making public are now online with the permission of their speakers. While Business of Software Conference won’t be livestreamed this year, we always want to share the ideas we discuss at the event with as wide an […]

Competitive advantage is dead! Long live transient advantage!

Or not – it is transient after all. I went to see Rita Gunther Mcgrath last night in Nottingham. She was addressing a group of Boots executives on the ideas in her book, ‘The end of competitive advantage’. Would I normally spend 5 hours in a car to hang out with a group of pharmacists? […]

A question of transient advantage for BoS Conference attendees from Rita Gunther McGrath

Rita is opening the Business of Software Conference with a talk that explains her ideas about the end of competitive advantage as a strategic framework and the implications of transient advantage for entrepreneurial businesses. I caught up with her in Nottingham yesterday where I left with two things: the knowledge that we have an amazing […]

Dharmesh Shah on strategies for building great companies at Business of Software Conference 2012

Dharmesh Shah, introvert, CTO at Hubspot, founder of OnStartups, lover of startups and code offers some great insights into what strategy means, how you can apply it to growing big businesses and more than a few brilliant ideas for strategies and tactics for making your software business meaningful, profitable and valuable. Dharmesh is a BoS regular […]

Live Q&A with Scott Farquhar, Atlassian. 12.00 noon EST, Sept 25th

If you have never experienced any crises in your business, you can look away now… this Q&A is not for you. For the other 99% of us, bookmark this page and come back at 12 noon EST on Wednesday Sept 25th when Scott Farquhar, CEO of Atlassian will be talking to BoS in a live […]

All Cities Send a Message: Boston support networks for entrepreneurs

I’ve just finished reading an-old-but-great-essay from the inimitable Paul Graham about the messages cities send and how that affects enterprise culture. He makes the point that you need to live in a city and really understand it before you can fully decode its culture, but for a new girl in town like me, the most […]

Mikey Trafton on why company culture matters & how to build a world class culture in 3 easy steps. Watch or read this before you hire another person.

Mikey Trafton learned about ‘cultural fit’ the hard way when every employee in his 8 person startup quit on him in a single day. I think this is one of the best talks I have ever heard on culture and why it matters. It offers entrepreneurs and software people a very simple, effective three step […]

Live Q&A with Jeff Gothelf, NEO (and Author: Lean UX). 12.00 noon EST, Sept 19th

Where do you begin with embedding innovation practices in your growing software business? Tomorrow at 12 noon EST we’ll talk to Jeff Gothelf, CEO of NEO about his work and the big, audacious topic he intends to tackle at Business of Software – a step by step guide on how to build and support innovation […]

Live Q&A with Sarah Hatter, CEO CoSupport. 12.00 noon EST, Sept 10th

Support can be an unloved function in a software business, but what other part of your business gives you the chance to turn ‘ho-hum’ customers into raving fans? This morning/afternoon (depending on your timezone) we’ll be chatting to Sarah Hatter, founder of CoSupport, about why is support is such a dirty word in many software […]

Live Q&A with Dan Siroker, CEO, Optimizely. 13.00 EST, September 4th 2013.

This hangout is now history. Thank you Dan. You can view the conversation between Dan Siroker and Mark Littlewood about the growth of Optimizely and AB Testing and what keeps Dan awake at night below. Come and join Dan Siroker, CEO Founder of Optimizely and previously the man behind the data analytics for President Obama’s successful […]

Paul Kenny, GBP: It’s not your personality style holding you back in your professional or personal life, it’s your inability to recognise where your natural preferences aren’t serving you and to flex or adapt when required.

A guest blog from Paul Kenny, BoS hero. Paul offers some insight into the age old question of introverts and sale and offers some wider thoughts about how individuals can adopt different styles in different situations. – - I first spoke at Business of Software in 2008, when I delivered a rather nervous, presentation ‘Sales […]