5 ways to justify your BoS ticket to yourself as the boss (or to your boss if you’re looking to come)

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We know how it is. Business of Software Conference operates in a busy events scene. There is a lot of competition out there, not only in terms of events, but for your time.

Every decision of whether to come to a conference like BoS eventually boils down to ‘what do I expect to have gained/learned from spending my time attending this event, vs. taking care of my busy day to day routine?’ In other words, what you need to know right now is, what’s the pay-off from coming to BoS?

Here are five reasons we think BoS is not only worthy of your time in terms of benefits gained, but also why we think it’s a different kind of event. At the bottom, you’ll also find a form to hand to your boss, or, if you’re like the majority of our audience and already the boss, to hand to yourself as a reminder to get your ticket.

  • Learn new ideas and concepts
  • Meet smart people that can help you
  • Hear very candid talks about the things that went wrong in other businesses
  • Give yourself time to listen and think, work on, not in, your business
  • Join a global community of people that care about their work

  • You’ll learn things that will change how you operate your business from the day you return to the office.

What will you learn if you come to BoS? The conference focuses on how to scale great software companies that remain profitable and great places to work in the long term. The subjects within this theme are purposely as broad as the skill set you need to be able to scale great software companies.

Specifically, at BoS USA 2016 you’ll take away lessons on Project & Product Management, Culture, Marketing, Sales, Lessons from Scaling, Solutions to Technical Challenges, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship among others. This is not a coding conference – it’s an event which teaches you how to do everything except the code to make your business a success.

  • The audience is made up of some of the most switched on people in the software industry.

Networking. In the digital age it’s never been easier, and yet we seem less connected than ever before.

Nothing beats breaking bread with your tech compatriots and meeting face to face.

At Business of Software, we’re proud to host some of the most switched on and friendly people in software today. The majority of attendees are C-Suite Executives or Founders. The rest? Passionate Product People, Marketers, Managers and the people who get things done in software companies looking to learn and meet their tribe. With an attendance capped at 300 producing a intimate environment, you get to meet the people you want to and forge real connections that could help grow your business.

  • The speakers have fresh perspectives and the experience to help you be better at what you do.

Veterans of the software trenches, BoS speakers are individuals who have been through the challenges you face today, and have the scars to prove it. Specialists in their fields – they are proven and keen to offer what they’ve learned on their journeys so you don’t have to go through the same mistakes.

Not only this, but our speakers buy into the BoS Conference difference. This means they are more open and candid due to the small audience size. They usually hang around the conference too, not in some VIP room surrounded by security guards. This means you’re just as likely to be sat next to the CEO of Basecamp or Drift, as you are your next business partner. See who is speaking this year…

  • Business of Software is a different kind of conference.

Business of Software Conference is an event that stands for something. It’s an event run by people who have values, and champion these over valuations. BoS Conference is a room filled with people with a certain attitude and outlook on life – that of success coming in many forms, not just being in the unicorn club. You’ll be treated as a person and a guest throughout the event, not just a number.

It’s hard to say exactly what makes BoS special, but we know people like what they get from the conference. Our last event was rated with an NPS of 93 – an imperfect method of telling you that those who come, feel like they get value from being in attendance. If you come along and you don’t feel you got value – we’ll even refund your ticket, no quibbles.

  • The whole package combines into an event attendees love, and importantly, feel like they get value from. 

In summary, BoS provides an conference where you learn what you need to, from the people who know about it best. You’ll be amongst accomplished and interesting people, in a unique environment that promotes listening over learning.

Sound good? Forms are below. Or, registration is here. 

“I’m the boss. Remind me.” –  

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