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Scaling Successful Software Companies

Stephen Allott led Micromuse, a London Headquartered company that floated on NASDAQ. Revenue in 1995 was c £1 million. In subsequent years revenue tripled, doubled, tripled, doubled, doubled and doubled to £142 million in 2001. That sort of growth is hard.

In this talk, Stephen shares his experiences and identifies the five critical things, aside from ambition, that you need to get right to scale a successful software business.

Stephen will also be speaking at Business of Software Conference Europe, May, 16-17th, in Dublin, Ireland about how small software companies can sell to large organisations.

Slides, Video, Video of AMA Here


  • Product

  • Plan

  • People

  • Processes

  • Problem Solving

Stephen Allott’s Business of Software Conference Europe Slides

Video of Stephen Allott’s Business of Software Conference Europe 2015 Talk – How to Scale a Successful Software Business


Stephen Allott’s AMA – How to Scale a Successful Software Business

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