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Joel Spolsky at Business of Software 2009: Video

Joel Spolsky at Business of Software 2009: Video


This year will be the 7th Business of Software Conference – 15-17th September 2014, Boston.

A three day conference for founders who want to build sustainable, profitable software businesses. BoS has always been a special conference for our delegates and we want to keep it special. Attendance is restricted to just 400 attendees in 2014. Registration open now.

This year we are also running Business of Software Conference Europe, 25-26th June. For more details, visit the dedicated BoS Europe site. Two days in the birthplace of computers – Cambridge, England.

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Once a company has discovered how to eloquently solve a customer problem in what seems to be a potentially bottomless market, they have no real choice but to continue onwards to become the category leader amongst those who are attempting to do the same.
In my experiences the China Syndrome model works well when there is little overhead associated with organizations, but if one wants to be the category leader and continue to grow exponentially, they must focus on a smaller market of individuals who will enable them to develop strategic business relationships to ensure growth on a larger scale.
Its a double edge sword and can really suck the fun out of work at times, but it seems an inevitability with growth.

Chad Polk

Neil -
Classic mistake in business planning: projecting revenue/market share from the top down. Like in your first sentence, trying to get X% of a market is impossible and no one else is Joel Spolsky.
It is always better to strategize how to get that next chunk of subscribers/customers from the bottom up. Bottom up meaning, I have 1000 customers today and I want to add 100 more in X period of time. If it is 100, then build around the product/content that will get you that next batch.

online survey software

hmm, the china syndrome reminds me of that scam going on that was charging people 25 cents on their credit card, targeting a huge mass of people o_o

Andy Brice

The only meaning of ‘China syndrome’ I am aware of is very different to your usage:
“The China Syndrome is a hypothesis of a possible extreme result of a nuclear meltdown in which molten reactor core products breach the barriers below them and flow downwards through the floor of the containment building. The origin of the phrase is the concept that molten material from an American reactor may melt through the crust of the Earth and reach China.”

Neil Davidson

Whoops, I got my fallacy and my syndrome mixed up. I was actually listening to something on the radio about industrial accidents at the time, so my subconscious got in a muddle.
Good spot!